Supplement  guidance  available  for  everybody

Every kind of athlete can benefit from sport supplements. And every kind of athlete can buy sport supplements. But what is the point of buying them if you don’t know how to use it. At Strong Supplies we added a few steps in the process. All we need is some personal info, some training info and the algorithm will do the rest. We’ll create a personal schedule and follow up on you daily. We package the supplements in handy recyclable bags. For optimal intake during your breakfast, lunch or pre- and after training or workouts. Curious? Just click here and take the quiz.

From  start  to  finish

We’re in for the long run. From ingredient to your last intake.
We traveled around the world to find the purest and most effective ingredients. We created new formulations based on clinical research for optimal effectiveness. Our robot ‘Anita’ makes sure everything is correctly packaged. And our app will guide you through your schedule. So you’ll know when to take what you need. 

"It's our mission to make the personal guidance and expertise in supplements & vitamins currently only available for certain privileged top athletes, available to everyone."

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Strong Supplies was born out of a cooperation between 2 entrepreneurs, Andy Decuypere and Toon Coppens, where the conservative world meets the digital world.

Andy is owner of a group of pharmacies and an international wholesale company of parapharmaceutical products. His experience in the (international) pharma world made him believe that sports people need to be supported in their way of choosing the right supplements. More than often, these supplements are bought online without any explanation about what to use, how to use and for what period to use the supplements. Therefore he was convinced that a new packaging, namely, personalised, and by intake moment, combined with premium supplements, selected by a team of experts from pharma and universities, is key to support every active person, coming from basic support to more support in depth.

When Toon Coppens came into play, the (digital) match was complete. To offer a fully personalised experience, digital data and continuous feedback is needed. Toon Coppens is an internet pioneer who build his first enterprise at age 17 eventually called netlog.com, a social network avant garde (launched in ‘99) which connected at his peak over 150 million people. He co-founded later various startups in consumer internet (Twoo.com, realo.com, delta app, ...) and is on the board of directors of various other internet companies. Helped by his experience in the digital world, Strong Supplies offering is vastly improved by the digital experience. Connecting all data streams with your personal supplements advisor is our mission.

In the young existence of Strong Supplies we are proud to have many (top)atletes already as proud daily users and together with our team of experts we research and develop the best combination of premium ingredients to have an optimal effect on your goals. Pro athletes, semi professionals and active enthusiasts all benefit from correctly supplementing their diets.