Crush your PR: the effect of beta-alanine

Crush your PR: the effect of beta-alanine

You are a dedicated athlete, working towards specific goals and events. You are going to want to improve your results. Scientific studies have proven the effectiveness of the supplement beta-alanine on our performance. Here's how it works.

From training to competition

A lot of work goes into your preparation and training. On competition day, you want to chase that personal best of yours. The supplement to improve your results is beta-alanine. Numerous scientific studies prove that beta-alanine supports the effort during an anaerobic performance of 30 seconds to a maximum of 10 minutes. During short efforts that are situated above that anaerobic limit, lactic acid is continuously formed in the body. This process plays a key role in improving your overall performance. Find out below how it works and how beta-alanine can improve your performance.

Lactic acid: clearing misunderstandings

First, let's quickly clear up a misunderstanding about lactic acid. During an anaerobic or intensive effort, lactic acid is produced in the body. As soon as it is produced, lactic acid is broken down into lactate and hydrogen ions. This is very scientific, but stick to it!

Your muscles are able to process the lactate but they cannot process the hydrogen ions. Hydrogen ions are experienced as acidification in the muscles during exercise. This leads to a reduction in muscle function and, as many of you have already experienced, a feeling of pain. 

In other words, it is the trick to be able to neutralize the hydrogen ions and to postpone the acidification in the muscles. This is done by an amino acid called carnosine.

How carnosine impacts your performance

Carnosine is supplied in small quantities by eating fish or meat every day. Before carnosine supports the muscles, it is broken down into two building blocks. The best-known building block is beta-alanine. 

This means that when correctly charged with beta-alanine, the concentration of carnosine in the muscles will increase and thus stimulate the capacity to counteract acidification in the muscles.

So why don't we just eat more meat and fish?

For example, one portion of chicken weighing 150 grams contains only 0.5 to 0.8 grams of carnosine, while the perfect dose of beta-alanine contains 65 mg/kg body weight to have an optimal effect. Beta-alanine depends on your unique peak moment. A charging phase of 6 weeks ensures the best performance. 

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