Why recovery after exercise is important - the experience of cyclist Imogen Cotter

Why recovery after exercise is important - the experience of cyclist Imogen Cotter

Recovery after a training or workout is an important step on your path to become a better sporter or athlete. It is however often overlooked. People want to lose weight by working out or training hard, so they avoid eating too much before and after training. What they don’t realise, is that you often create much more harm by not eating, than getting closer to your goal. Cyclist Imogen Cotter struggled with recovery for years and is happy to share her story.

From swimming to running

At 16 years old, Imogen Cotter began taking sports seriously. Initially, she started out in the swimming pool but she gradually made her move to running. For four years, Imogen was training hard with high ambitions to become better. She was putting in all the time and effort but was overlooking one crucial aspect of being a top athlete: nutrition and recovery.

I was training hard, but I was seriousely undereating

No recovery: the consequences of undereating

It’s something we can all relate to: looking around at other competitors and feeling not as lean, not as good, not as fit as them. Paying attention to her recovery was the last thing on Imogen’s mind. Instead, she made a common mistake: she started undereating. “I would go to training, and do a brilliant session, but then I wouldn’t eat anything afterwards”. It was her coach who drew attention to the fact she was losing the effect of her training because she wasn’t recovering at all, but Imogen couldn’t be convinced.

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Imogen competing in cycling


A lack of good recovery quickly started to show. Imogen got injured over and over again, her bone density got very low and she got diagnosed with osteopenia. In an attempt to improve her recovery, she started taking Vitamin D and Calcium supplements, but couldn’t get used to the routine of taking them. The lack of decent recovery eventually forced her to take some sustained time off.

How Imogen turned things around

Getting better, but good recovery was still missing

In 2017, after starting to run again, Imogen began cycling. After a year in Mallorca, she moved to Belgium to start racing. In 2019 she completed her first road racing season. “I was getting better, but I knew I was missing out on potential gains”.

“I have felt improvements since I started taking Strong Supplies. Feeling leaner and stronger, I’ve set all-time best for my one, ten, twenty and sixty minute power sessions!”

Introducing Strong Supplies

In February 2020, Imogen discovered the personalised supplements from Strong Supplies. After taking our intake test,  she received her personalised supplements, adapted to her body, goals, and needs. As Imogen is quite forgetful, she once again feared that she’d fail at taking them regularly. But our packaging style, dividing supplements into daily pouches, per intake moment, helped her a lot. “I can count on one hand the packages I’ve missed in months. It makes it so much easier to have the dosage tailored for you”.

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Our regular and low-carb version of the recovery shake. 

A frequently asked question we get at Strong Supplies. Does it really work? Imogen’s story is one of the greatest examples of why we do what we do. “I have felt improvements, particularly in the way that I feel.”. After a tough session, our recovery shake  helps her to fuel her body. Imogen is setting all-time bests and is steadily improving. Mentally, she gained confidence that she is fuelling her body correctly. Like Imogen, we cannot wait to see what’s next for her.


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