Q&A with Youtube-star & cyclist Cameron Jeffers

Q&A with Youtube-star & cyclist Cameron Jeffers

110K subscribers and 20 million views. It was his goal to make a connection between viewers and athletes. At 23 years old, Cameron Jeffers is successfully documenting his life as an elite cyclist on Youtube.

The life of a pro cyclist

Cameron is a British professional cyclist, who wanted to show the audience a bit more than the normal one-day race we usually get to see. As a rider for the Saint Piran professional cycling team, he started documenting his training, his races, and eventually his life. We get a unique insight into the life of a professional cyclist, rather than seeing them only at their peak moments.

Making a name on youtube 

In March 2016 Cameron joined Youtube to share his story about his career. But it was at the end of 2019 when Cameron hit the big numbers.

When he and a friend decided to buy the cheapest plane tickets in Europe, they ended up in the south of France. From there, they cycled back to the UK in six days. Their ambitious endeavor earned him more than a million views and things started to turn around for Cameron. Today, his channel has over 900 videos, which brought him as many as 20 million views.

Living "the life"

Being a Youtube-star, Cameron shares a lot, which might not be easy all the time. However, good things have come from online stardom. 

The paces I get the opportunity to go riding to
- What Cameron replies to our question on the best thing that has come from Youtube
A cyclist at heart seems to be the right description for this young man. If not, he'd probably be at university, studying Sports-Marketing. But for now, he's living the good cycling-life, spending his time making great content.