Q&A with superman Paul Coll

Paul Coll, Squash

Once known as "The Machine" for his extreme work effort, later renamed "Superman" after the spectacular rally at the Canary Wharf in London.

Paul Coll looks like the next cool surfer guy but is nothing less than a world-class squash player. We were eager to make him part of the Strong family and are happy to introduce him in this quick Q&A. 

Who is Paul Coll?

He's the fifth-best squash player in the world but is training hard to become world champion and taking the world 'number one'-spot. 

Meet Paul Coll. At 28 years old, he's called the superman in squash for his spectacular game on the court. Born in New Zealand, living in the Netherlands and inspired by golf-legend Tiger Woods, Coll is burning with ambition.

From New Zealand to the Netherlands

Paul Coll is born and raised in New Zealand, where he discovered the squash courts through the love of his parents for the sport. 

Living in New Zealand however, and playing squash at the highest level, caused too many hours of travel. In order to take care of himself as a top-athlete, Paul made the decision to move to the Netherlands, from where it is easier to travel.

Home is however still close to his heart. When we proposed to him the idea of a plane ticket to anywhere in the world, he answered: "I would go back home to New Zealand and take my girlfriend with me. It's been over a year since I have been home!"

World class

Paul did not become a world-class athlete overnight. It took a lot of hard work and dedication to make his mark at the world stage.

"I have had a few big breaks in my career", he says. Winning some big tournaments and steadily climbing higher in the ranking, is how he achieved his spot among the best. 


World champion and number 1!
- Coll when asked about his big goal
The sporters mind

Sport seems to be top of mind for Paul Coll. If not a squash-player, he would aspire to a career in golf or rugby. But for now, his squash-career seems to be going pretty great. "I have played in the world championship final which was an incredible experience". You get the picture by now, Paul Coll is dedicated to become the best.

His favorite squash game in his career? Not the World Championship, but the Commonwealth games gold medal match. Why? Because all of his family was present to support him.

A great sportsman, with a big heart, that's for sure. We cannot wait to see what's next for this massive talent!

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