Q&A with marathonwinner Astrid Verhoeven

Q&A with marathonwinner Astrid Verhoeven

2 hours and 41 minutes. It's all you need to fly from Brussels to Marbella if you need a quick getaway. It's also all Astrid Verhoeven needed to finish the marathon of Antwerp.

42,195 kilometers, at an average speed of 3:49 per kilometer or 15,7 km/hour. Are you amazed yet? We were. And we decided to support Astrid and make her an official team member of Strong Supplies. To get a personal supplement plan just like Astrid, take our questionnaire here and discover what you need. 

Get to know Astrid

25 years young, born in Belgium and turning heads on the greatest distance of all, the marathon. Six days in the week, you can find Astrid getting those kilometers in, next to strength training and technical training. "I hold onto one restday in the week", she says.

The Canarian islands are her favorite travel destination, she loves ice-cream and would go for a strawberry mojito when it's time for an aperitif. But most of all, she's a kick-ass runner.

Astrid Verhoeven
From track to the marathon

At the age of six, Astrid entered athletics. After a few years she felt that the longer distances were her thing.

After testing different distances throughout her carreer, Astrid chose the marathon at the beginning of 2019 after finding a new coach. For her, it's a milestone in her career. 


The mental click I made after this marathon feels like relief
- Astrid on Eindhoven 2019
The climb after the fall

Winning the Antwerp marathon in April of 2019 in no less than 2 hours and 41 minutes, was not the race she wants to highlight. "I especially look back to the one in Eindhoven 2019 where I was forced to get out due to an injury. I've been going over everything down to the smallest detail. Rest, mental strength, nutrition. Hence I can say that everything in front of me is clear and I feel that I am ready for more".

Project Mensch

Together with her partner, Astrid launched Project Mensch, her biggest personal achievement just yet. They support athletes towards their goals, as well as organizing Bootcamps.

Ambitious and driven, Astrid is ready for what the future brings. "I am still young and realize that there are still many phases, outside the sport, that will come and go. I am waiting with open arms to welcome these events. Happiness or misfortune, that's part of it"

Astrid Verhoeven

See more about Astrid on her Instagram page.