F4E Racing Gas Gas x Strong Supplies

F4E Racing Gas Gas x Strong Supplies

Three young Spanish guys, an experienced team leader & a lot of guts. Meet the F4E Racing GasGas-team, guided by Jimmy Verburgh, aiming for the highest podium places. We are proud to support these talented guys. Click the video to get an exclusive look at their training in Belgium.

F4E Racing GasGas

Jimmy Verburgh has been in motocross his whole life. A few years ago, he started a professional team. The three Spanish riders he selected, are crossing in the EMX125 series. With the support of GasGas and the Spanish Federation, the team is going for no less than the maximum. 

The Team x Strong Supplies

At Strong Supplies, we were eager to support these young talents with the right sports nutrition. The high intensity of their training, asks for the right intake of shakes and gels. We asked the guys what their favorite products are!

Gerard Congost, F4ERacing, Jimmy Verburgh


Gerard Congost

"Strong Supplies products have surprised me since I have done very well when training with a motorcycle. My favorite is the recovery and it shows a lot, I also use the isotonic to keep me hydrated during training or races"




F4E Racing,

 David Braceras

"The flavor that I like the most is recovery and it works very well for me to recover. I also really like the isotonic as it keeps me hydrated during training. And I take the whey after a hard workout"


Guillem Farres

"For me, I like both isotonic citrus and raspberry and it works really good during the training and the recovery. The flavor is the best one and the gels are also good to take just before I get on the moto"

Head over to their Facebook page to stay updated on their races.